Russian trolls, frauds and their useful idiots

Afb. Theodor Kittelsen

This is my haphazard collection of platforms and people that from the beginning of April 2022 struck me as trolls spreading pro-Russian disinformation about the Ukraine War on Twitter, and of those who serve as useful idiots by retweeting Kremlin propaganda drivel or passing it on in their own words. Notice that many of the active trolls have only few followers, if any; these reach their audience by means of #. Many are temporary ghost-accounts, set up by troll-factories, and I tried not to register them, if only because there are so many of them. The list has been last updated on 15 September 2022. Time permitting, I’ll keep updating it now and again.

The list is not a pillory, nor is it just a collection of people whose opinions I find wrong, stupid or reprehensible. Whether people agree with me or not, is immaterial. What does count is spreading or parroting obvious pro-Russian propaganda and fake news. So simply presenting or discussing the Russian point of view won’t get one on the list, but harping on ‘the Kiev Nazi regime’ or extolling the joyous ecstacy of the people of Mariupol on their liberation by the benevolent Russian Federation brothers will. And no, the list is not neutral or balanced at all. It concentrates exclusively on lies and subterfuge by the Russians and their cronies. What it offers is just a first confirmation (or not) whenever you come across a tweet that makes you wonder: is this for real? At least, it may confirm you’re not the only one to think that something stinks. 

The list is ordered by account handle, so by the right-hand column. At its top are platforms, then follow individual accounts.
Castrius accarezza troll @_Barfolomew_
Crypto Girl @_Crypto__Girl_
IlDistopico @_ildistopico
ksesh @_kksesh
Dr. Strangelove @_michalis12
Polar News @_PolarNews_
The SOCIALIST advocate @_seyrampaul
CitizenScouse @_SpaceD_Monkey
The Chud of Kiev @_x45d
Frans v Elsen Французский #extreem #NotMyWar @0Frah5
Article10 ANTI NWO @10Article
@10WallStreet @10WallStreet
Ukrainian-Canadian ✡️! @1917rising
Кинжал Z @1qCQDs3JLZ4oxs7
Bloempje2/14 @2_bloempje
༒☬ ☬༒ @2Awoman
Comrade-47 @47Comrade
Su-57 5th Gen Fighter @5thSu
BasiL (she/hers) Thrice vaxxed @703BasiL
7337 @7337_Onderzoek
Negan @8_I_Am_Negan_8
911news @911news
DutchConservative @94Conservative
Inside ♒ @9Incide
Andy A. Lambardi @a_lambardi
Somostontosnopesados @AanCovid
Cherokee KJ ️ @Aardvarken2
Corne Bettieakumaai @achutmoarwit
Dr. Puppy @AdCommon1
Adriaan Beenen @AdriaanBeenen
Adrian @Adrian86749524
AnkieW.J. @AdrianaE51
Adriano Banak @adriano_banak
AdutchBaroness @ADutchBaroness
ADutchPatriot – QR Weigeraar @AdutchPatriot
Advokat Pakla @Advokat_Pakla
Harry @AFCA_BigHarry
Boxerrrr @AG28071973
AndyFresse @AG31299704
Age case @AgeCase
Agnes @Agnescmv
Mieke van Agtmael @agtmael_mieke
الأحداث الروسية @Ahmad20023708
Aidane @Aidane_dxb
Aisha @Aishalifett
A.J.K. @AJKole1
Andji Amor @AJKole1
akhanda bharat @akhandabharat6
Andrew Korybko @Akorybko
alan marc @alanmarc32
Albinos Zа наших @albinanyamtsu85
Ernesto @AlchemicYoga
alegna cesho journalist @AlegnaCesho
alejandra lopez @alejand95791648
Егор @aleksandrov_76
Aleksandar @alekzic
Alexander Abramenko @alex_abramenko
ᴀʟᴇメ – ᴘᴏʟɪᴛɪᴄᴀʟʟʏ ɪɴᴄᴏʀʀᴇᴄᴛ @Alex_Kjanssen
AlexanderIV @AlexanderIV17
Gribkin @AlexandrGribkin
Alex Redwedge @AlexRedwedge
Alfred de Zayas @Alfreddezayas
Alicia S @Alies_mag_ook
observer @all_seeing_pi_
allisgoodm8 @allisgoodm8
Sjirk Altena @AltenaSjirk
StoneyWantsTruth @AluhoedjeA
Alya Jenner @AlyaJenner2
Amar es maravilloso @AmarMaravilloso
amazingforest_1121 @Amazingforest1
Abdulrahman @AMD_Abdulrahman
Mr. Potato Head @America1Scotty
GlobalPeaceAdvocate @AmericansPTSD
#VelikayaRossiya @AMG26
An @An06211788
Anabel V. @Anabel_Villeroy
Анатолий Шарий @anatoliisharii
andy h @andy741114
ANEK_ARTS @anek_arts
angelb52#klaarmetrutte @angelb52
Angelo Giuliano / living in @Angelo4justice3
Ania Konieczna @AniaKoniec
Anita Eva ‍⬛ @AnitaevaB
Ann @Ann29746191
AnnaFresse @AnnaFresse
Anne @Anne96369245
Annelies de Zeeuw @AnneliesdeZeeuw
Anne @annemarierozen
Annemie #ikhoefgeenprik @AnnemieVeranne1
Annenares @Annenares1 @anon_candanga
Ano G @Anoniemg3
Ans Left the country, political reasons. @Ans2aan
Anthony Migchels @AnthonyMigchels
Antibfmtv @antibfmtv
Fredo the Demoncrat @AntiCensor2
w-united-clan @anticovidiano74
no one @antiwar_soldier
Questing Duck @Antonio01613638
Apokatastasis @Apokatastasis11
AR15SafeSpace @AR15SafeSpace
Samaray @ara_n_ura
IT’S HAPPENING ! @argosaki
Farhad Ariana,MD @ariana_farhad
arjan georg (arjangeorg#Gettr) @ArjanGeorg
Arjan ❌ QR is niet weg, het ligt op de plank. @ArjanMuyen
DOOR – tot Den Haag de Witte Vlag hijst ✌ @ArjanMuyen
Armand Vervaeck️ @ArmandVervaeck
Arnoud van Doorn @ArnoudvDoorn
ronoosterbeek @arnoyuma
Simon Magus @aRogueWanderer
Arthur Morgan @ArthurM40330824
Jannes Koetsier @artsJannes
Milanka J Sullivan @Artspeakcentral
Ashok Kumar @Ashok2103
⚱️ASHES @AshPashuBlack
Aster Berghe @AsterBerghe
Mr Foxnose @asymmetricalpha
Атас Батькович @atas_bat
Attaphia ✊#PAL#NoWar#AbajoElBloqueo @Attaphia
VICTORY @attila_victory
Frank vdf S @autonoom_mens
A_Vincent @AVincen59706891
AWReijersenVanBuuren @awrvbnl
AW. Wikanadi  @awwikanadi
Ayn Rose @ayn_rose
Azad Aydin @Azadi77
aryan.gasy @azexl2
AZ Military News @AZmilitary1
AZ OSINT @AZmilitary1
AZ @AZmilitary1
Wittgenstein @backtolife_2022
BackupMyHerb @BackupHerb
bader @Bader89
Başkurt @Bakurt98814677
Marin -Der Falke @BalkanFalke
Weimar Silver Baron @BankerWeimar
Barry Right @BarryRight2
BastiaanFFF @BastiaanFff
Bata Milojevic @Bata_Milojevic
batòr2013 @bator2013
Bazzio101 @Bazzio101
BeardedBrownMan @BeardedBrownMa1
Beatrix Vertogen @BeatrixVertogen
$DotComrade @220 #BSV ❤️ @BecauseBitcoin
Eric van de Beek @beek38
Bennie Doorsnee @benniedoorsnee
Ben van Bakel @BenvanBakel
Simone Bergmann @BergmannMedia
Bernard 1986 @BernardNL00ENG
Berthilde de France @BerthildeDe
RobertKoch19️‍⭕ @BertiKoch19
Bertus de Boer @BertusDeBoer1
Best Health 4 You @besthealthyou
NoFriend @BestNoFriend
Betterdays @Betterd64021359
Radostin Nedelchev @BGBADBOY
bigrussianshop @bigrussianshop
Bijowel @BillenJohan
Billy @BillyJ147
Bin The Labour Party @binlabour
Bishnu Maharaj @bishnu_maharaj
Black in the Empire @blackintheempir
Black Russian @BlackRussian84
BLCKBX @blckbxnews
nico blesgraaf @BlesgraafNico
Blik op Nosjournaal @BlikopNOS
blind ninja @blindninja2
TheBlockBoss @BlockBoys13
B @bloomsbury1918
Bilyana Martinovsky @BMartinovski
bmx4i4 @bmx4i4
BNN Russia @BNNRussia
BobHuisbaas @bob_landlord
Bob de Rooij – Waarheidszoeker des Vaderlands @BobRooij
Paolo (Poli) Bolpet @Bolpet
Gerontius @BonaPeregrinus
Marc Bonekamp @BonekampMarc
HDF Bongo @BongoHdf
Theo, ‘Het probleem mijnheer, dat blijft’ @boomerTheo
botrytis Cinerea Французы за мир с Росси @BotrytisC
BrainlessChanel #NWOENDGAME … @BrainlessChanel
Bramha Kamal @BramhaKamal
BRAZILIAN RADAR @brazilianRadar
BRBidart @brbidart
BREAKNIEUWS 1 @breaknieuws
Brendanvandeplas @Brendanvandepl1
Ostap Bender @Brestav
Hecto.84.4 @broodjefrikadel
Darryl Brophy @BrophyDarryl
Pigs Brother ️ – @BrotherPigs
Simon Brouwer voor☢️ @brouwer6_simon
Yvan Korozov @bruce_ch17
Bram Sonneveld @BSonneveld1
$DotComrade ✊ #Hodldeeznauts @BSVBro
HEXICAN @btc4fer
Bulk @bulkenzie
HappyEverline @busnitized
Iam Nobody @butnobodysfool
Caillerare φ @caillerare
Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz
Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ @CalibreObscura
cvm,#red onze kinderen en kleinkinds @CarlaMaanen
Animallover @Carolinesneaky
Caroline Vonhoff @CarolineVonhoff
CarloCarpaciao @carpaciao
Casa denaZificata @casa_casala
DenaZificato @casa_casala
Cassandra The Global Crisis @CassandraOccupy
Cast_Cal – We Won! @cast_cal
avelino julian @castrocalo
Cath @CathLouisa1976
Catturd ™ @catturd2
SuspiciousCat @Catty1316
MB❤️CB❤️crypto❤️people❤️ @cb_people
BARRA La Liberté commence où l’ignorance finit. VH @Cbgno
Cees026 @Cees026
cesco levens @cescolevens
Carlos Chamochumbi @cgchamochumbit
Zhang Meifang张美芳 @CGMeifangZhang
Chatelier @charivarii1
Inverzet-Resistance PVV ook op NL Inst FB @charsnuff
Chebu @chebu_sigma
Zelenskiy conscience @ChimenezKuro
China Info @ChinaInfo777
M. M. @chosenbungler
Christ_essis @Christ_essis
Chris Wilson @ChrisWilson379
Christian Kumhofer (I❤️Indianer) @ChrKumhofer
Chuck Goldsby @ChuckGoldsby2
chuckie1965 @Chuckiesplaces
Cicke ☮ @Cicke69
Il Cimmero @CimmeroIl
Militant.André.D @Circonscripti18
Claudia @Claudia42850495
Claudia Klaver @ClaudiaKlaver
Claudio Degl’innocen @ClaudioDeglinn2
Claudio Degl’innocen @ClaudioDeglinn2
Clayton Morris @ClaytonMorris
…..homo sapiens.. @clemgio
Clamato Maladriott Next Gen m @climatesoftware
Clive Dunn @cliveldunn
☭ Flying House ☭ @CloudDomicile
CMedienbuero @CMedienbuero
Mahmud Hasan @codegRay2050
Colin #FBPE @cogitator99
Geo_monitor @colonelhomsi
Imperial – OSTIA @Commandement_S
CommonSenseTV @CommonSense_TV
Consciouswire @consciouswire
Byzantine Soldier Z Z @contevladputin
The Merciless @ControlCompli8
The Merciless and Accurate Kalibr @ControlCompli8
Cooper @coope125
René van Nirven @CoQuin3579
Jan van Corsendonk @CorsendonkJan
Die Rabenkrähe @Corvus_corone2
Cosmic Dude @CosmicDude7
Laurent Courtois @courtois_l
Democrats are Terrorists @CovfefeBucks
Carlos Manuel Pimentel ☭ @cpimentel986
GEWOON ⚓️ MEREL @crazybytez
CrisP @crispSV
Critica & Co @criticaenco
Crollalanza @Crollalanza
Crusader @crusader_europa
s. @crushxdrama
Crypler @Cryplert
Vas @crypticvalentin
Griek @CryptoGriek
Curt Nichols @CurtNichols69
Cuyahoga @cuyahoga_
D v D @DafiCrypt
World News 24 @DailyWorld24
Breaker ブレーカ @DaimyoNeko
аля @daisybadwolf
dale.r @DaleDotR
Bibi @dalila75202346
Dalmo Ribeiro Martins @dalmormartins
Boiling Frog @Damavand_Archer
Damian from Brighton @damian_from
DaN ZOZZ R! ✝️✡️ @DaN82200047
Dana @dana916
Dan Cohen @dancohen3000
Dandeld @Dandeld1
❌Vinc✌️ @Daniel71428102
Daniel @DanielD19662449
Danℹ️ël Gerritsen ❌ @DanielGerritsen
羅熙德 – Danny Lo @DannyLo97768522
DanZiliouZ @DanZiliouZ
Darkness News @DarknessNewss
Darrell Dean @darrellndean79
Darth Apu ⓩ @DarthApuReborn
FreeAssangeNOW @Datensammlerin
Dave Conrad @DaveConrad4
Даянат @dayanat01
Daytona3522 @Daytona35222
Fc&Bommel @de_fcf
DEBEAR @Debear97
Albert de Bruin @debruina
Hilary @Decade3PW
BadAaSssBSdebunker @ Countering Disinformation @DeepADiver2
Roel @Deepbrook1977
Functie Elders @DeFunctie
Folkert@stophetklokgelui @degeneraal4
DeLo73 @DeLo1973_2
Deon @Deon10000
Marcus @derauszueri
World in Conflict @DerHaidWachst
Der unsichtbare Feind @Derunsichtbare9
Christian Descantes @DescantesCh
Koos Roegholt @Descartes_R3
News from Slavyangrad ⚔ Reports & Vids @DeuNachrichten
deutschlandito @deutschlandito
Pamori Diarra @diarra_pamori
President elect_’And it was Yellow’ @Diggrich_
Angel Van dijk @DijkAngel
ДимаZапад V3 @DimaZapadV3
Dimitri Devogeleer @dimidevogel
Alberdina Chatarina. ‍⬛ @dinie_van
Dino Depino @Dino99443732
Dirk Matter @Dirk_Matter
Márcio Dir @DirMarcio
Dit Eiland @diteiland
Gerrit Hilberdink @DLM68300665p
Dave Dent NO to WEF agenda #NoVaccinePassports @DMDent
Doctor Solyanka @DoctorSolyanka
Hans-Peter Zepf @dodgecy1
Doe Zelf Normaal @Doe_Z_Normaal
Alex Ocana @DominicaCanaPt
Dominique Martin @Dominiq96191784
Dom Tower @DomTower
Don Luigi @Don_Luigi_23
Don Frans van der Bingelen @DonFransvanderB
Dorien Rose Duinker @dorienrose
NotHunterBiden @Dosmasdos618
Dossier @DossierWorld
Dougie Jones @DougieJones101
Donato Yaakov Secchi @doyaksec
Janneke de Vries @dr_janneke
Dragon Wong 黄龙 @DragonWong2024
Dream on @Dreamon79470055
Pascalito @drnpngidi
BinanceDropMe @DropBinance
Sekulla @DrSekulla
Dmitry Skorobutov @dskorobutov
Duarte Y. @DuarteY13
Roel du Pree @ducom99
ALETHEIA – Goddess of Truth & Wisdom @dumptheguardian
Dutchie @dutch4fun1
Dutchski @Dutchie46428586
DutchRockStar @DutchRockStar
Dennis van Bommel @DvBommel
JobCentreSUCKS @DWPscumbags
Eamonn Blaney @EamonnBlaney
eatlovepray21 @eatlovepray211
Radical Radials @EchelonRight
Eddine @eddinges_n
Ed ‍☠️ weg met de EU @Eddy1959
Eddy Stam @EduardStam
Edwin @Edwin11369
checks&balances @EdwinDenktNa
EdithjeSijmpie @Eedithje
Eelco Van Hoecke @EelcoHoecke
Helga Xxcc @eeveewappie
Egountchi Behanzin @EgountchiLdna
Evert-Jan van Epscheuten @ejvepscheuten
Salim Sellami1 @El_muchachos
Elena Evdokimova @elenaevdokimov7
Elena Gekker @ElenaGekker
EliasMC @EliasMezaCota
Elizabeth @ElizadenO
=EL!ZE= ㋡ @Elize_NL
Eli Zifferblatt @elizifferblatt
EllyB @EllyB53292373
Spartackus @elskorpione
Elvetwelve @elvetwelve1
Wetradefree @EmfFact
EMGoyaars @emgoyaars
Emiliano Di Marco @EmilianoDiMarco
Emilie Defresne @EmilieDefresne
Emmanuelle @EmmanuelleRST
EncoreMoi45 @EMoi45
Michael Gary @EndAllWar
End Wokeness @EndWokeness
Paulus Pielekes @Energieking
Pravda Report @engpravda
Enjolras_Hugo @Enjolras_Hugo
R-Ick ☀️ ❤ neutral @Enschede100
Pals @Entrepreneurix @Entrepreneurix
margaretha @eradus2911
Ludwigsburg @Erhold0705
MaveRICK. Son of ERIC @Eric_Ericeira
Eric Jorem @EricJorem
E @Erikahoekman99
Twitt Erik @ErikSchurie
Wat’n kroam maakt ze der van in NL @ErjanKikkert
davie ewan macdonald @escalatorover
Enid Shelmerdine @eshelm
esleman abay የዓባይ ልጅ @eslemanabayy
Espirit @EspiritV1
“Sin ideas revolucionarias, no hay revolución”. @esSocialismo
Ester @Ester90721164
Novitchok @eurasia_tv
Europeanlanguagerights @Europeanlangua1
Eva Karene Bartlett @EvaKBartlett
Even Johannesen @EvenJohannesen
Evert-jan @Evertja83199265
ExoPortail @ExoPortail
Exposing @ExposingMiLabs
Southern Africa Eye @eye_southern
Фабиу Луизович Za победу! Z @FabioNZS
FabioStrusi @fabiostrusi
Fabushka @fabushka_
Régis Martin @Fan__de_Zemmour
S. @faquestion
From Behind Enemy Lines @FBEnemyLines
Guido @FCSPguido
Zakharchenko 2.0 @FecundStench
De Feiten van Joost @FeitenDe
FeodorNL @Feodornl
Dom Custodio -x. @FerrolEl
Antiwook @Fflechette1947
Frank Flurby @Fflurby
Fifth Element @FifthEl01857536
Fire Team Four5 @fireteamfour5
Sir Patinhas @FJBMGess
Flanco A Flanco @flancoaflanco
Foppe Oldenburger @FoppeOldenburg3
Bernd Paysan ³³ @forthy42
Fortress Russia News & Updates @Fortress_Russia
Fox Mulder #QRankzinnig-weigeraar @FoxTrustsNo1
Francis D @Francis93541695
Frankieb @Frankieb152
franklin_qz @franklin_QZ_
Frank Wienand @FrankWienand1
Frans_Traas @Frans_Traas69
Anoniem #Ikvaccineerniet @fraudehoortniet
FreddiePepperspray @Freddieyours
Frederick Encel Ⓜ️ @FredericEngel3
Frederik fluweel @FrederikF1uweel
Freedom Truth Honor @FreedomHonor666
Freedom Lover @FreedomLoverAus
Putin Freedom @FreedomPutin
heinz fritschi @freeheinz
Unacceptable Frenske (Official) @FrenskeLinker
Pressefreiheit ist tot @FresseFreihei
We ♥️ Россия @friendofrussia
Frits Altenburg ☀️ @fritsaltenburg
Fritz Friebl @FritzFriebl
Frederic @froggiefred
Front News Ukraine @Front_News_eu
Frs @Frs01125
Marlene de Prins @FruthofL
Gabe RO @FuckNaziUkraine
Слава России @FuckNaziUkraine
Fufufnyk @fufufnyk0
FUNCTiONAL MENACE @Functionalsss
Future @Future1969_1
William Murphy @futuredude
FastFurious @fxgx_Rx
Gabe @GabeZZOZZ
George A. Hamalian @gahamalian
Gaia @GaiaAwakened1
GammaVelorum (Er, Pazifist, Ossi, 2x geimpft) @GammaVelorum_
Juri Gagarin ☦️ @GargarinJuri
Garland Nixon @GarlandNixon
Gleb Bazov @gbazov
Craigh na Dun @gebroekersnamme
Mina @gedoei
Geeraard Peeters @GeePeeters
Rea-Geert Witte-Do# in blote ballingschap @GeertGooris
Rea-Geert, sunny side all around @GeertGooris
⛵️Tegenspraak ⚓️ @GeertJeelof
Onafhankelijkheidsdag 26 juli ⚓️ @GeertJeelof
fuortsjefinnedreigboer FvD, ex-boerin. @geeskegrietje
George Galloway @georgegalloway
Gerard de Boer ⚓ @Gerard1945X
— GEROMAN — – @GeromanAT
Gerrit @Gerrit41995811
Gert (zeg: “Zjèr”) Boersma @GertBoersma
Gerald Russelman @gherusselman
Azgar @ghethwa
Ghost @Ghost132607472
Gianni27 @Gianni27vl
Giorgio Papallo @giopge
Girum @GirumNews
#PRODPRESS @gjpresse
GladiateurEric @GladiateurEric
☮️Scoop Simmons @GlennTFSimmons
Mc KinSchwab @Goen715
gonewest05 @gonewest05
T G @GonTAlm
goort1409 @goort1409
Go Thorium @GoThorium
michiel goud @GoudMichiel
GM. pip @grandmaster_pip
grand-moesje van t hof @grandmoesje
Gérard – חריט קורנליוס @Grard05542415
greeneyednbronze @greeneyednbron1
(•_°) @GreenManCome
Grimmigedichten @Grimmigedichten
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Gueber Barzelai ✡ @GueberB
Gulden @Guldenstock
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Gustavo David – Le post d’Hugin et Munin. @Gustavo58413026
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Gvanopdorp @Gvopdorp
Hunt4TheTruth @H4Truth
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habeas corpus @HabeasCorpus4U
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Halela @HansLeeflang4
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Hans van Eeken @HansvanEeken59
Hansie @hansvann23
HansDenIslander @hanvaree
erik jansT♂️♀️ @happydays4
Hard Truth @HardTruth6
Harry Pater @HarryPater62
Hasan Selman @HasanSelman18
Hawk Coopersmith @HawkCoopersmith
Henry Thoreau @HDThoreau11
Peter @he_peter
Ben @Hedenberg
I am for truth, no matter who tells it. @heidytweet
Heinrich Brinkmann @HeinrichBrinkm1
Deplorable Flamoutch – Law and Order @Hello_Nighthawk
Hypercube Semiconductors @HelloHypercube
hem_day @hem_day
Henk Sikkema @henk_sikkema
Henk,,,Anti regering — tegen onzin en leugens @henk_vogelsang
henk38 @henk382
John Shepherd @herdlandjohn
Jack Rybak #RLM ♥️ @HermesTrading1
HerroqEnstein @HerroqE
Gottfried @HetGummetje
Hemant Singh @hguy
Julia Himerik @HimerikJulia
Hippychick @hippyseachick
History Unchained @HistoryUnchain
Wonder Hlongwa @hlongwawonder4
Frank Hoogerbeets @hobeets
Susanna Hoffmann @HoffenaufSusan
✨Hofstedeling #QRweigeraar @Hofstedeling
B Holmgaard @HolmgaardB
Sas @HomePiggy
саския @HomePiggy
hp news @HP_newssss
Henk Righolt @HRigholt
Fayard @HubertFayard
Hugo @hug0_jh
Hans Kuil @HughDere
Philosopher and the wolf @hugoiseenlul
Hugo @HugoJacobs17
Boris de Groot @huishoudkunde
Northlandsays NO to NATO @Humanekot
Hunk Norris @hunknorris
Huub’s @Huubs2
Henny @Hvbt36Henny
blahdeblah @HypocriticOAF
Laempel @Iaempel
IAm_Ash_Ash @IAmAshAsh1
Shuvankar Biswas @iamshuv
IdeallyaNews @IdeallyaNews
Serbian Warrior 1389 @Idelija2
Pikanto ♌ @Ifelsethenwhat
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