Russian trolls, frauds and their useful idiots, 2024

Afb. Theodor Kittelsen

This is my haphazard collection of platforms and people that from the beginning of April 2022 struck me as trolls spreading pro-Russian disinformation about the Ukraine War on Twitter, and of those who serve as useful idiots by retweeting Kremlin propaganda drivel or passing it on in their own words, now numbering more than 4.100. Notice that many of the active trolls have only few followers, if any; these reach their audience by means of #. Many are temporary ghost-accounts, set up by troll-factories, I tried not to register them. The list has been last updated on 2 February 2024. Time permitting, I’ll keep updating it now and again.

The list is not a pillory, nor is it just a collection of people whose opinions I find wrong, stupid or reprehensible. Whether people agree with me or not, is immaterial. What does count is spreading or parroting obvious pro-Russian propaganda and fake news. So simply presenting or discussing the Russian point of view won’t get one on the list, but harping on ‘the Kiev Nazi regime’ or extolling the joyous ecstacy of the people of Mariupol on their liberation by the benevolent Russian Federation brothers will. And no, the list is not neutral or balanced at all. It concentrates exclusively on lies and subterfuge by the Russians and their cronies. What it offers is just a first confirmation (or not) whenever you come across a tweet that makes you wonder: is this for real? At least, it may confirm you’re not the only one to think that something stinks. 

The list is ordered by account handle, so by the right-hand column. At its top are platforms, then follow individual accounts.

More useful lists of Russian disinformation channels here.

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